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George Bush International Airport Project Management Office

The office serves as the central office for strategic planning and decisions regarding George Bush International Airport. The office is a $20M, newly constructed, 50,000 square foot building located on a 100,000 square foot footprint. RJT Construction was responsible for all aspects of the project, including dirt work, concrete work (driveway, parking lot, foundation), building erection, and interior build-out.

George Bush International-PMO Bldg-Completed.JPG
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Amazon Logistics Warehouse

This Amazon warehouse is located just off I-45N near the University of Houston. Amazon needed to expand its facilities due to an increase in delivery volume. This also created the need for a larger driveway and parking area. RJT Construction added an additional 50,000 square feet to expand Amazon’s operations and extended their driveway and parking space.

Amazon-Completed Bldg 3.JPG


RJT Construction recently completed work on this U-haul office and storage facility located off 290. U-haul was in need to a complete renovation. RJT Construction performed a reskin of the exterior of the building and completed a total roof replacement.


Filhoops - Under Construction

Filhoops is expanding its business and constructing a new sports complex located off 290 and Wright Rd. Its new facility will be approximately 16,000 square feet with two NBA-size basketball courts, a lobby area with a front desk, administrative office, locker rooms, and a server room. RJT Construction is serving as the general contractor overseeing the construction of the entire project.

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NRG - E-Pond Retrofit for Pond

NRG needed to retrofit their onsite "sludge" pond with a concrete bottom and new lining. The E-Pond footprint over 20,000 SF with a 10” concrete base surrounded by 6” thick fabform lining.

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Dallas ISD

Recently, Dallas ISD renovated a large warehouse facility to open a technical school. RJT Construction was responsible for the installation of 13 storm shelters inside the facility.

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