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Preparing Land for New Construction in Houston

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Dirt work on new construction sites is the very beginning step for every construction project. The process of dirt and site work is performed to get the land prepared for new construction. This can include everything from clearing out existing objects and buildings to excavation and leveling the land to lay the foundation.

Our professional dirt contractors at RJT Construction provide Houston with complete and thorough dirt and site work services to ensure that every construction project is built on a strong and stable foundation. Continue reading to learn more about our dirt work services!

Our Professional Dirt and Site Work

At RJT Construction in Houston, we have the expertise and equipment in-house to perform all aspects of dirt work so that you can rest assured that your new construction building has the foundation it needs. Below you will find more information about each of the specific areas included in our dirt work services. Get in touch with our team of dirt work contractors today to get started on your next construction project!


Clearing and Demolition

Whether it’s a densely wooded area or a tract with trees and structures that need to be removed before your new construction project can begin, RJT Construction is ready to do the work. We have the team and the equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently so that your new build stays on pace.



Excavation is a very important part of new construction dirt work, and it takes knowledge and expertise to ensure that the job gets done correctly — without causing any delays or damage. Contact RJT Construction today to learn what makes our excavation services so valuable to any construction project.


Building Pads

At RJT Construction, we perform in-house cut and fill work on the building site, when necessary, to construct quality building pads. We use high-grade structural fill material and provide rough and final grading to future paving areas to ensure that the future foundation of your new construction project is strong and stable.


Detention Ponds

Detention ponds are the new normal when constructing buildings. RJT Construction is able to provide the skill, expertise, and equipment needed to cut, fill, and grade your detention pond to the specifications you need for your new construction project to ensure lasting quality to your building and land.


Soil Stabilization

At RJT Construction, we can perform soil stabilization operations using hydrated lime, fly ash, or a combination of both. The stabilization process includes mixing the chemical with the soils and breaking the soils into small particles so they can be compacted, tested, and certified by technicians and engineers.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional for Your Dirt Work

Experience and Expertise

Dirt work contractors bring the experience and knowledge needed to ensure a solid and stable foundation for new construction projects.

Top-Tier Quality

A team of professional dirt work contractors can offer next level quality in their services due to their experience and use of quality materials.

Ensures Your Safety

Dirt and site work can be a dangerous job if you don’t fully know what you are doing. Hiring dirt work contractors ensures your safety on site.

Proper Tools & Equipment

Dirt work requires heavy machinery as well as specialized tools. A team of professionals will provide you with all the equipment you need.

Saves You Time

Dirt and site work is one of the most time-consuming parts of a new construction project. By hiring a professional team, you can save yourself time.

Provides Lasting Results

With the stable foundation that a team of experienced dirt work contractors will provide, you can look forward to lasting results for years to come.

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FAQs About Dirt and Site Work

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What is excavation?

Excavation is a general term for digging into the ground and removing soil for a specific purpose. In construction, excavation is used to remove excess dirt from the construction site, as well as to dig trenches or even bring fill dirt onto the site in some cases to fill in low, uneven spots.

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What should I look for in a dirt and site work company/contractor?

There are a few major things you should look for in a dirt work contractor:

  1. Make sure they are licensed, bonded, and insured.

  2. Be sure that they have quality examples of their past work.

  3. Ensure they have experience with your specific project.

  4. Make sure they either keep everything in-house, or hire the same subcontractors each time.

  5. Be sure to check with references, or have good reviews of their past projects.

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Why does a site need dirt work prior to construction?

Dirt work makes sure that the land is cleared, compacted, level, and stable so that when the foundation of your new construction building is laid, it will be solid and built to last.

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What does proper dirt work consist of for new construction?

  • Land clearing to remove any vegetation, objects, etc.
  • Land grading to avoid flooding or ground shifting in the future.
  • Retention or detention pond creation to conserve water.
  • Construction entrance creation for easy site access.

Hiring Our Dirt Work Contractors

At RJT Construction, we provide those in the Houston area with a local team of dirt work contractors. All of our contractors are in-house to ensure consistent quality and proper management to make sure your new construction project stays on time and on budget.

If you are in need of dirt work contractors or construction services in general, RJT Construction is here to assist you. From the dirt and site work to erecting your new build, we have the team and experience needed to get the job done right. Give us a call today to get started!