Dirt and Site Work

Dirt and site work is the fundamental basis for foundations and ultimately the building. We have the expertise and equipment in-house to perform all aspects of dirt work including:

land clearing 2_resize.jpg

Clearing and Demolition

Service includes clearing and demolition for newly developed land. Whether it’s a densely wooded area or a tract with trees and structures to be removed RJT Construction is able to do this work for you.



RJT Construction is able to perform dirt removal to hit a certain depth when setting up a heavy foundation or excavate to achieve the needed depth for a detention pond

Filhoops Pad.jpeg

Building Pads

We self-perform cut & fill work on the building site as necessary to construct building pads. We use high-grade structural fill material, provide rough and final grading to future paving areas.

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Detention Ponds

Detention ponds are new normal when constructing buildings. RJT Construction is able to provide the skill and expertise needed to cut, fill and grade your detention pond to spec.


Soil Stabilization

When call for RJT can perform soil stabilization operation using hydrated lime or fly ash or a combination of both. Stabilization process includes mixing the chemical with the soils and breaking the soils to small particles to be able to be compacted and tested and certified by technicians and engineers.