Innovative Techniques in Commercial Construction

Most of the construction techniques being used today have existed for many years. These innovative techniques of times past have led to impressive advances in the types of building today. However, it is exciting to know that new construction techniques and innovations have made fundamental changes to the industrial and commercial construction industry.

Innovative construction technology enables massive improvements in large-scale commercial construction projects' safety, efficiency, and productivity. Below, we have outlined some of the more recent innovative techniques in commercial construction.

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Building Information Modelling

With virtual and augmented reality modeling, developers can see fully rendered representations of what a construction project will look like. Known as “Building Information Modeling,” the process provides additional information and assists a construction company in following building plans accurately. The company can then determine the materials to use on-site, anticipate and work on challenges, and eliminate risks.

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI is currently improving and optimizing construction workflows by ensuring that safety protocols are being met. The technique can identify potential safety hazards. Also, by leveraging current and historical data, machine learning helps companies predict future outcomes and make better-informed decisions.

Image of a 3D printer

3D Printing

Companies are now leveraging 3D printing to fabricate materials on-site and to create innovative shapes. This decreases project overall costs, improves quality control, addresses skilled labor shortages, and explores more intricate designs. By uploading architectural designs directly to 3D printing software, construction companies can automate the process, leading to less time and effort for all.

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Construction Wearables and Exoskeletons

Innovative construction wearables such as smart boots, smartwatches, goggles, power gloves, smart hard hats, and exo-suits offer additional safety to workers, thereby preventing potential injuries.

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Construction Robots

Even with exoskeletons and smart wearables, there is a high need for technologically advanced equipment and automation in the commercial construction industry. And this need is being efficiently met by the idea of drones and construction site robots. These robots, which are self-driving machines, do manual, monotonous, and strenuous work while being controlled by applications such as Build Robotics.

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The commercial construction industry is always looking for ways to improve processes, increase sustainability, and reduce loss. Other innovations include greener asphalt, thin-joint masonry using quickset adhesives, prefabricated construction, and self-healing concrete. With so many promising innovations already, property owners and developers can find several solutions for their building needs.

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