How to prepare your home for a hurricane

Purchasing a home is one of the largest investments most families make. It can be the place we start a life together with our partners, raise a family in and where we grow old. For most of us, it is also the place we will leave to our children in our will. Which is exactly why we want our properties maintained to the highest possible standard. Our houston roof repair services can help you achieve those high standards.

It makes sense that our homes are the one area where we continue to spend most of our money on, whether through improvements or repairs. Extreme weather is not uncommon in the south, and when hurricanes strike, the intense wind and hail can cause untold damage to our houses, particularly the roofs. In the event of damage to your home, our Houston roofing repair service can rectify damage quickly and to a high standard. But repair should not be your only thought. By having work done right in the first place, you can reduce the amount you will spend on repair work in the future. Ernst Kiesling, a professor of civil engineering at Texas Tech University, has stated that if a tornado scoring 5 on the EF [enhanced Fujita] scale hits your home, many folks would gamble on luck rather than investing in protecting their homes.

Don’t leave your investment to chance. With the ever-increasing extreme weather conditions, it is more important than ever that you ensure your home is protected as much as possible. It is essential that when safeguarding parts of your home, especially roofing that you find a contractor who is reliable, transparent and known for good quality workmanship. Equally important is finding a contractor who is capable of dealing with the insurance claims process.

With the exterior of houses, there are numerous areas in danger of hurricane damage, including gutters, roofs, sidings, wood shingles, and trees.


Make sure your gutters are clear of any leaves and other debris because if not, water pools can accumulate and cause significant, long-term damage. Debris lodged in your gutter that may fall out could also cause serious injury to you or your family.


It is advisable to invest in roof clips or straps, storm shutters, or plywood to be fixed over windows, and caulking window and door frames, because if any damage is caused, insurance claims can take time to be resolved. Many homeowners disregard regular checking of their property. Taking a couple of hours a few times throughout the year can mean the difference between preventing an issue and needing to make a significant, time-intensive insurance claim.


Don’t forget about checking your garage doors are secure. Make sure that any patio furniture, outdoor toys, pots, and planters are removed from the garden, and it is also wise to remove any loose or dead branches from trees in your garden, which could act as projectiles in a hurricane.


Ensure that your home insurance is up to date and that you have the right kind of policies in place to protect all valuables and every aspect of the house exterior and garden.

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